The weather for the Tough Mudder event over the weekend was sunny and cool. Thousands of people turned out for the Tough Mudder. By 11:00 Saturday morning, Marcus, a volunteer with the Tough Mudder and a resident of Illinois, said he had already seen people from 10 different states.

The event is broken up into different flights. Participants, or "mudders," as they prefer to be called, form groups and start the challenge every 1-2 hours.

Each flight, starts at the Warm-Up station. Basic aerobics and calisthenics, are part of the fun. Tiffany, a mudder from Wisconsin, said, "it really gets the blood flowing and gets everyone pumped up for the challenge."

After the mudders have warmed up, they proceed to the Start Line. There, the mudders receive instructions and a positive message about teamwork.

Todd, a 4-time mudder, said, "The Tough Mudder is not a race, it’s a challenge." Mudders are encouraged to help each other and check on each other throughout the challenge.

Staff members and volunteers encourage all mudders to take as long as they need to finish the course, and above all, to have a fun experience!

The Tough Mudder course is 10-12 miles and consists of almost 20 obstacles.

It takes most mudders approximately 3-4 hours to complete the course.

Upon completion, mudders can rinse off and enjoy a cold beer. First time mudders, upon completion of the course, can earn entry into the Tough Mudder Legion.

Tough Mudder 2016 - Randy Kirby