Walmart reports $800 in items stolen from the store over the weekend

According to a Sedalia Police report Sunday morning suspects reportedly placed approximately $800 worth of electronics and automotive items in a cart, and left the store on the grocery side without paying for the items. At the time of the police report there were no suspects.

Dog bites dog and is taken to the shelter for 10-day quarantine

At 1:18 Sunday afternoon Sedalia Police responded to Centennial Park on a dog biting a dog report. Upon arrival the owner of a Boxer dog reported a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix dog bit her dog. The Rottweiler/Shepherd was taken to the animal shelter and placed on a 10-day quarantine because it was not up to date on its shots. The owner of Rottweiler/Shepherd mix has agreed to pay the veterinary bill for the boxer.