As I'm sure you know, the Missouri State Fair is here!  While we all know about the food, the rides, the agriculture, and all the other fun - the music is a huge part of it.  Kicking off the Fair festivities this year is none other than Scotty McCreery! I'm sure a lot of you have been following his rise since the start of his time on American Idol.  After winning season 10 he's been no slouch.  He's been touring nonstop and writing and recording more new music every year.  He's so young and ambitious that it certainly makes me feel like a slouch, I'll tell ya that much.  When I was 20, I was sitting on a hand me down couch playing Crazy Taxi and eating Cheetos.  He's out there working every night!   And now he's bringing his show to our Pepsi Grandstand Stage on Thursday.  I got to talk to Scotty on the phone about the show and what we can expect from him onstage.

So make sure you check out our websites for ways you might be able to win or buy your tickets, and get yourself there to the show! He'll be performing on Thursday, August 7 with Kelsey K, who you may remember from last year.  It's another show you're not gonna wanna miss.

McCreerily yours,