Often times it's quite hot in the summertime. I know, shocking! We've also seen a bit of rain at this year's fair. Who would have thought that during the summertime, in the midst of the Missouri State Fair that the weather would be important? Well, there are plenty of ways to cool you down on the grounds.
In fact, one thing you might check out is the Gerkhen Dairy Building.  I think most of you know it as the place where they keep the Butter Cow.  Don't get me wrong, everyone loves the Butter Cow, and justifiedly.  But if you decide to stay a minute in the Diary Building, you will NOT regret it.  They've got a great showcase of all the wonderful work that Diary Farmers do and how it affects our everyday life and nutrition.  But yes, here's the new Butter Cow Sculpture.

And, if you go in and get some ice cream...wow. That's gonna be some of the best stuff on the grounds!

Butterly yours,