So sometimes here at the station I've noticed that from time to time, something happens to us.  It happened to Carl the Engineer, it happened to our old Business Manager, it's happening now to Teresa our new Business Manager... and yes, it's happening to me. We talk to ourselves.  Out loud.  At work.  I don't know why that is, but it's a strange habit several of us have picked up here.  I was talking about it with a friend of mine the other day and she told me about her mom.  Her mom is a successful businesswoman who always has a million things going on.  And because she does so much, she's developed some pretty weird habits.  They'll be out shopping or something, and she'll just start talking to herself.  It's like she's making mental notes . . . OUT LOUD.  She said it's to keep everything straight in her head, but she sounds like a crazy person. So I gotta ask you guys, what do you do that's slightly embarrassing?  Does someone else do something that always embarrasses you?   Let's all get together and talk about our embarrassing habits.

What weird habits do you have, that you end up doing in public?  What's the most embarrassing thing you caught yourself doing?  Let me know in our survey and I'll share your answers on the air!

Embarrassingly yours,