I know a lot of us are concerned about the situation in Ferguson.  It's been all over the national news this week, and people are definitely divided on the issues surrounding it. I got this notice in an email from someone here at the station.


Now, I don't know this person.  I don't know all the details about what this person wants to say about the situation in Ferguson.  I'm even a little hesitant to share my opinion on the whole thing - because I feel like I don't know enough details. I mean, yes - it does seem excessive to shoot someone six times when they're unarmed.  But that doesn't excuse the looting and rioting that's happening just to take advantage of chaos.  It may not be happening in our back yards, but, this is happening, and it's something that I wanted to ask YOU about.  Will you be attending this protest?  Do you agree with their thought, that Michael Brown was murdered?  What do you think about any of it?

Peacefully yours,