I know this is going to make me sound so incredibly old, but here goes.  There's something I've noticed about the young people today - they don't seem to know much about what happened before them.  In fact, my niece will use that as an excuse for just about anything she doesn't know that's pop culture related. "That happened before I was born" is a common thing to hear from her.  I don't get that! Isn't that the point of history classes, to learn stuff that happened BEFORE your time? So if it happened before you were alive, it's not important? Not too long ago,  I was at a party with a group of 18 to 21 year olds, and another group of people around my age . . . late twenties, mid thirties.   At one point in the night, I randomly busted into "Paul Revere" by the BEASTIE BOYS. I didn't recite the whole thing, but it was enough to reference it.   The people MY age loved it.  The young kids had NO IDEA what the song was.  One girl even had the audacity to ask me if it was DRAKE.   I told them that if they were going to listen to people like Drake and T.I., they HAVE to know the Beastie Boys first, right?     So that leads me to ask you our new survey question:  What older song or group should kids these days absolutely know?  Tell me all about it in our Enquiring Minds survey and you'll get points and prizes while we talk about it on the air.