Every day I rack my brain to try to think of things for you and I to talk about.  I see what I do on the air as a way of conversing with you - but most of the time it's just me talking.  So with our surveys, I ask, and you answer. Here's a look back at some of your answers for our questions - I couldn't possibly go through them all, but here's some of the ones that stood out.

On Monday I asked about musical history. What groups or songs should the young people be sure to know today?

Start with Elvis, then the Beatles, the Beach Boys and throw in a little Philadelphia Harmonic Symphony.

I gotta admit, you threw me for a loop with the Philadelphia Harmonic Symphony.

Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA"

That's a nice patriotic song! That would be something for the kids to know.

Electric Light Orchestra

Waaaait. I wonder if ELO is what the other person meant. Anyway, you guys also recommended The Beatles and the Backstreet Boys, so maybe they DID mean the PHS instead of ELO.

Anyway, then on Tuesday, we talked travelling. Everyone has those daydreams of running away somewhere nice. I asked you where in the world you'd like to go if money, time, etc weren't problems. Where would you go?

Scotland! I want to go to Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It's on my bucket list. I've been to 10+ different countries. I also want to do the Alaska cruise tour, too.

Ooooh, well travelled! I've been to Wales, but not Scotland or Ireland. There were a lot of sheep and tulips there.

I would love to go to Hawaii

SO many of you said this as your choice, guys. Like, far and away this is the most popular answer. But some of you also suggested places like Buenos Aries, Egypt and Israel.

On Wednesday, I asked about sleep deprivation. Boyfriendo accidentally woke me up the other night and it got me to thinking about how long people go without sleep. I've gone a day or day and a half due to work/school etc. A lot of you went without sleep when you were giving birth.

Woke up on a Thursday morning had to be at hospital at 4pm to get induced...we all know how sleeping in a hospital bed isn't the greatest.. well I prob didn't sleep until they knocked me out during my c-section on saturday afternoon!

Dang! I remember my Mom telling me the labor stories. Those can get harsh! But the other majority answer was from people who were working in the military.

72 hours due to military work and good conversation.

That'll happen. I've stayed up one too many hours due to a good conversation.

work nights 12 hour shifts... I have gone as long as 27+ hours without sleep. I get off the 12 hour shift and the daytime hours that I am going into could be loaded full of errands and family activities that I need to get done before I go back into work the next night I have to work.

Now THAT is a work ethic.

Well, "Boyfreindo" is just mean to keep his girlfrienda up all night. Maybe he should get a different hacienda. Lol.

HA! Take that, Boyfriendo!

He's sad now.

Thursday, I asked you about some the names or nicknames you've given to your vehicle. I had a car in my youth that I nicknamed "The Lawnmower".


That isn't it, but that's a picture of the same model. It was named that because it was small and surprisingly loud! Some of your answers were pretty straightforward. Alot of us have names that start with "B" like Betty, Buster, Beater, Beauty, etc.

ANYWAY, that'll do it for us this week. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones next week, so come back and take some more surveys. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!

Curiously yours,