I've been reaching out to you guys and asking you a question every day, and you've been giving some great answers.  We've talked about everything from the summer weather to being embarrassed in public to everything in between.You guys are totally open to sharing your opinions about all sorts of topics.  So here's a look back at some of the subjects we've covered this week.  On Monday, I asked you guys about something embarrassing that's happened to you.  I took the family down to the Schlitterbahn water park this past weekend, and getting in and out of those inner tubes was not unlike a turtle trying to get off its back.  It was pretty bad.  Well, you guys have had a few embarrassing situations in public too, so we don't have to go through it alone!

My mother once asked a famous country music singer if he wore underpants because his jeans were so tight she could not see them. I was a teenager and wanted to DIE!

You know, I kind of hope that was Luke Bryan. Anyway, yes, I totally understand how that would make you want to crawl in a hole and never come back!

 My fiance has a bad habit of walking around with his hand in his pants, he says it makes his balls comfortable. Embarrassing.

Oh, no. Let's just hope he doesn't do that at the wedding!

 I sometimes carry a blanket into restaurants with me because they can be so cold in the summer. I hate to be shivering when I'm eating or to eat my food fast so I can go outside and get warm.

Now this one I've never heard of. My grandmother would sometimes complain about being underneath a vent at a restaurant in the summer, but she'd just wear a jacket. You must be cold natured!

I have no weird habits. I am the exception to the rule.

Of course you are. Weirdo.

On Tuesday, I asked you guys about how you cool down in the hot weather we've been having lately. I mentioned how the kids across the alley from my house will get bowls and buckets, fill them up from the spigot, and throw the water on each other.

I LOVE to Swim, to going to the pool or a water park is always the best.

ALOT of you had a very similar answer to this one. Getting in or on the water is pretty great, after all!

 Sit on the front porch and drink a few Miller 64's!

There we go, now that's a nice image. Make sure you're drinking some water too, though. Don't get dehydrated!

 Drinking margaritas, of course!

Alright, you guys definitely like a nice, cold adult beverage. That must work!

On Wednesday, I asked you guys about a new device from LG. Apparently you can soon buy a wristwatch type thing that goes on your child's wrist. It basically tracks them all day long and sends you updates on your tablet or smartphone, telling you where they went. So I asked you guys - would you want this?

Heck no!!!! I don't really want to know. Too much "Big Brother" out there anyway.

You got a point there. I mean, do we really need to know every little thing?

No I wouldn't because if I can't trust them, then there is a problem.

Especially when it comes to significant others, you're absolutely right there. Now kids, I don't know if you can always trust a teenager, for example. They might not be getting in trouble, but they could be doing something you don't approve of.


You know, it really is one of those things where each person would have to make that decision. Hopefully you wouldn't need to with an SO, but then it also might come in handy with a small child if they're prone to wander. I guess every case would be different.

On Thursday, I asked you guys about the new Lay's pick the new flavor thing.  This year it seems like the flavors are pretty strange - but the one that sticks out to me as terrible is the coffee one.  I thought I'd ask you guys what you'd choose if you could come up with a new flavor of chip.

Chocolate Cherry

Oooh, now that could be interesting. I had a chocolate cherry adult beverage once, and I swear, it tasted just like a cherry Tootsie Roll Pop. Well, a Tootsie Roll Pop that got you drunk. I don't know, maybe a TSP chip would work, too.


I do love me some hummus. But I often eat hummus WITH chips, so I don't know if a hummus flavored chip would be ideal. But then, they do make different flavors of hummus, so maybe it could be tasty.


Now that could also be interesting. You could have the chips with your sammitch and then not have to put the actual horseradish on the sammitch itself. Interesting.......

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