I know when a lot of us think of the Missouri State Fair, we think of live music, carnival rides, food and fun.  But, part of that fun is sometimes overlooked: the hard work and dedication of the groups, organizations, and people in all the buildings and exhibits. Everybody loves the food, everybody loves the music.  Everybody gets a corn dog.  But there are definitely a lot of different spots all over the Fair that I try not to miss.  I love to stop by the Missouri Conservation building and see all the great fish and wildlife.  I like to stop by the Highway Patrol building and see all the improvements on our roads.  I also like to go see Otto while I'm over there.  The commercial building is always full of wonderful vendors, and the Agriculture and Horticulture buildings are always innovative.   So yeah, clearly we don't go just for the corn dogs.  I wanted to ask you guys which exhibits, buildings or other parts of the Missouri State Fair are "can't miss" for you. Maybe you like to check out the Wine Tent, or maybe the Electric Building, hit the Dairy  or the Petting Zoo - there are so many different things to see!   Which buildings and exhibits are your favorites?   Tell me here in our survey and I'll share your answers on the air!

Agriculturally yours,