Teens ages 12 to 18 will have fun and laughs while participating in impromptu games based on the popular game show 'Whose line is it Anyway' with the Boonslick Regional Library. Participants will have to come up with dialogue on the spot; nothing is scripted.

Improvisational theatre is a fantastic tool. It helps students learn to react and respond to unexpected situations and builds confidence and creative abilities. With some teenagers, it's a great challenge for  them by asking them to come up with something on the spot.

On-the-spot improvisation is a dynamic, fun and often very comedic type of game and can seem very exciting!  It also works to break the ice and give teenagers a low-pressure evening of fun. The most basic ground rule is that there is no right or wrong. Something that inhibits a lot of us is the worry that they are somehow doing something wrong. Improv is about going with your impulses and creating something from them.

I spoke with Jackie Oliphant about all that  and the rest of the stuff coming up this month with Boonslick Regional Library.

For more information, call 660-827-7323. You can also visit their website at boonslickregionallibrary.com.

Improvisationally yours,