A free writing workshop for children, led by author Angela Roquet, returns from 1 to 3 p.m. July 12 to 14 at the Boonslick Regional Library. Participants write short stories during the three-day workshop that may be published in a book called Budding Bards: Vlm. 2.

"Last year was the first workshop and it was a lot of fun," Roquet said. "We had five kids and four of them had their stories published in the anthology collection that we put together from the workshop. It went over really well, and all four kids that had stories in the collection will be returning. Hopefully they will be bringing friends with them too."

The participants will work in the Boonslick Regional Library's downstairs computer lab. Sign ups are limited to 15, the number of computers available in the lab.

"The kids didn't have their stories finished by the end of the workshop last year," Roquet said. "We stayed in touch through Google Docs online and we kind of did some back-and-forth editing before we put the book together."

Authors for Budding Bards: Vlm. 1 had a book signing at the library following publication and attended the Literacy Council's "Tea and Auction" in April for another signing. Paperback copies of last year's book are available at the library for five dollars each. Proceeds go to funding future library programs.

"I think it's a fun program to add to all of the others," Roquet said. "There is a lot more engagement when you're getting them to write too. I'm hoping that's something they carry on with and it gives them an idea of some different careers that might be interesting to them."

Children can be signed up for the writing workshop by contacting the Sedalia branch at (660)827-READ (7323).