Making butter, knitting, listening to old 45's from the 1960's. These aren’t activities normally associated with today’s youth. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri, they're bringing these lessons back through the X-Gen Program.

Led by Youth Development Professionals, members are taught history lessons that they wouldn’t learn in school.

“When you’re 9-years-old, that’s your scope of experience,” said Smithton Site Manager Judy Moore. “With X-Gen, suddenly their scope explodes. They’re learning that our ancestors made things instead of just going to the store or how things, especially technology, have changed over the years. “

At a recent X-Gen program in Green Ridge, members were taught the simple art of making butter. Using only whipping cream, a pinch of salt and a clean baby food jar, several members spent the afternoon making themselves a snack – bread and butter, but without the preservatives, food dyes and other things associated with today’s food.

“One of my favorite programs was when we brought different kinds of cell phones in for the kids to look at and play with,” Moore said. “Those old, old cell phones that were heavier than a book or came in a bag. Even phones from just five or six years ago look so old to them. It blows their minds.”

The X-Gen Program is made possible through the Club’s 21st Century Community Learning Center grant.  Check out the very latest with the Boys and Girls Clubs by calling Meghan Beard at 826-8331. You can also visit their website for other information.

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