The Boys and Girls Club of West Central Missouri has teamed up once again with Staples for the back to school drive. The drive has kicked off today (July 16) and will run until Sept. 28.

When you go to Staples, you can purchase school or office supplies and place them in a drop bin. The items will be dispersed to the 11 Boys and Girls sites here in the local area and will be used as needed throughout the school year.

Customers can also donate cash at Staples with 100% of the proceeds going directly to The Boys and Girls Club of West Central Missouri.

People can also visit the Staples for Students Facebook page, followers can go through a series of interactive missions to help drive donations. People will be rewarded with donations, coupons for school supplies and opportunities to participate in sweepstakes as missions are completed.

The Staples here in Sedalia is located at 3601 W Broadway Blvd. Like many drives, every little bit counts and goes a long way.