The Kansas City Chiefs are off to their best start since 1987. They are 4-0 and Arrowhead Stadium has been rocking. The Chiefs will travel to Tennessee next Sunday, but when they return home on Sunday, Oct. 13, they will be looking for a win against the rivaled Oakland Raiders and a new world record.

The crowd noise at Arrowhead Stadium was logged at 116 decibels back in 1993. The current record was broken just a few weeks ago when the Seattle Seahawks hosted the San Fransisco 49ers. The Seattle fans actually broke the record twice in one night. Seahawks fans got the record for "loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium" when it hit 131.9 decibels after a sack of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the first quarter. Seattle fans were just warming up, because the crowd eventually hit 136.6 decibels on a defensive stand in the 3rd quarter.

There was a decibel reading at Arrowhead last Sunday (Sept. 29) that was hovering around 100. The Chiefs will attempt to break that record of 136.6 decibels on Sunday, October 13, against the Oakland Raiders, a game in which the Chiefs could go 5-0.

Do you think Arrowhead Stadium will be loud enough to break the World Record?