One thing that everyone needs is a way to support themselves and their family. Sometimes you may have a little trouble finding just the right job to do that. Now, we have another opportunity to let your skill set shine. There will be a Career and Resource Fair on Friday, March 28. For some people, getting back on the job market can be a very intimidating challenge. I know a lot of people get nervous and think that they won't be able to find a job if they don't already have one lined up. That's why career fairs like this one are going to be so helpful to you; they give you several different chances to meet with potential employers all at one place.

I got to talk with the Elder Noah E Poole about the Career Fair, and about the different groups that will be there for people to meet with.

It’ll be held at the Sedalia Housing Authority Community Center, 500 Welch Court.  Make sure you dress for success. The fair is sponsored by the Pettis County branch of the NAACP.

For more information, contact Dr Marge Harlan at 660-366-4761 or Elder Noah E Poole at 827-4182.

Workingly yours,