Doug’s Entry In The Child Safe Dessert Auction
After much consideration of what to make for the Child Safe Dessert Auction tonight (Nov. 25), I decided to go with a pumpkin/sweet potato/pecan pie.
It was a tall order to accomplish, if you know me and my kitchen ability, but it did get accomplished thanks to the help of my lovely wife, Diana Sokol…
KCI Prepares For Thanksgiving Travel
Thousands of workers at Kansas City International Airport are gearing up for the annual Thanksgiving holiday travel rush. Airport officials suggest that travelers are prepared and arrive early. To keep things at the terminal curbs running smoothly, KCI Airport Police Traffic Control Officers will st…
Cranberry Triscuits For Thanksgiving
Each year it seems like there is a new novelty food item. Earlier this year we had the Lay's potato chips, then there was the Oreo craze and now there are Cranberry and Sage Triscuits!
I have to admit that I love snacks and Triscuits are one of my all time favorites...

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