Valentines Day Still Great After All These Years
Somehow “Be My Valentine” doesn’t seem like enough after 55-years of marriage, and a rose or chocolate heart seems inadequate too; that is because my wife and I have always claimed Valentine’s Day as the day we met, and I have always strugg…
Turkey Leftover Idea: Turkey Tacos
The Thanksgiving Holiday has come and gone, but one thing might still remain; the turkey. Maybe you bought a bigger turkey than in previous years or maybe you had more people eat the sides this year or maybe you just made your turkey sandwiches and have a little bit of turkey left. What do you do wi…
Thanksgiving Travel Expected To Be Up In 2015
The Thanksgiving Holiday Travel period is upon us, with the bulk of the travelers getting on the roads, onto trains, onto buses or onto planes for the week. The bulk of the travel takes place from Wednesday, November 24 through Sunday, November 29.

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