Jack’s Mid-Missouri-Memory: The Old House
The Old House
When I was growing up in Sedalia Missouri in the forties and fifties my family like many others, lived in rented houses. It was always exciting as a child to move into a new house with all its hidden secrets to discover, but a little sad too, that we were moving from the old one that ha…
Blast From Sedalia Radio Past: Bruce
We have been bringing back some of the voices of Sedalia radio's past in the last week. We have caught up with Tina Sapp, The Treecerman and now we catch up with Bruce, who was the morning show host for KIX 105 and 92.3 Bob-FM from September 2006 until April of 2013.
Top 10 Stories of Doug Sokolowski
It has been a great pleasure to bring news updates over the course of 16 years. There are so many stories that have been covered that were either fun to do or serious to our area. 16-years has flown by in a blink of an eye, but these stories have stood out and rank in the Top 10 of the Townsquare Me…
Bring Back Voices From the Past: The Treecerman
This week I thought it would be fun to bring back some of our voices from the past and find out what they are up to with my final day on Friday, December 11. I know each of them you loved over the years on Better Country KIX 105, 92.3 Bob-FM and Newstalk 1050 KSIS.
Jack’s Mid-Missouri Memory: Alley Rats
Alley Rats
Alley Rats may seem like a derogatory title, but when I was a kid there were a lot of us who wore that title if not proudly, at least accurately. In those days when everyone but country kids walked to school we used the alleys, the tracks, and the sidewalks to get to school, or downtown...

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