Mark Register, Business Developer for Center for Human Services, paid us a visit to help the community understand what, exactly, Center for Human Services has to offer the area. 

He gives a brief history of how far Center for Human Services has been able to come, having started out as The Crippled Children’s Center back in the 1950s. As Mark and I began to speak, it was clear that CHS offers a variety of different services to the public, but what stood out most was job placement for individuals who suffer with disabilities.  Mark explains the wide range of disabilities that qualify a person for his services, including developmental, mental, and physical disabilities.

He also discussed how Center for Human Services can help employers meet the needs of their companies through the job placement program that CHS offers. He went on to explain how their services go full circle by asking employers to allow him to place individuals into prospective positions, employees from CHS fill jobs that otherwise would be difficult to keep filled.With six different levels of job placement, Mark is very confident that he can help employers as well as potential employees.

Mark also wanted to be sure to let the public know that job placement is only one of several services that Center for Human Services provides. For more information about Center for Human Services, you can call 826-4400. You can also contact Mark Register at