Today, my wife and daughter visited me at the station for a nice dinner break. My wife decided to try the Keurig machine, but we found something in the cupboard that caught our attention.

No it was not the coffee packets or even a coffee mug or two, it was two orange bottles that said they were Day Quil, specifically Equate Day Time. Every now and again, we find we need to take some medicine at work, but I think this one was a little outdated.

The Day Quil was so old that the the orange had crystallized at the bottom.

We went to look at the date, yep, it was just slightly outdated, May of 2005. I'm not joking, and right next to it was another one that was best by 2012.

I think it's safe to say it was tossed out. It reminds me that you should go through your medicine cabinets and dispose of old expired medicine properly through the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.

It gave me a good laugh and thankfully, I did not need that medicine today.