For many in Sedalia and across the United States, citizens will show their support of local, state and federal candidates running for office by displaying political signs in their yards from now, well into November 2016.

While the City of Sedalia encourages residents to be actively interested in choosing our best government representatives, we also want to make sure that everyone is knowledgeable in the rules for sign placement.

Per Section 64-202 (b)(4) of the Sedalia City Code of Ordinances,“if a political sign, poster or other paper or device, is placed in the ground and such sign is placed between the sidewalk and the street or if there is no sidewalk present, such sign is placed within 15 feet of the street curb or where the street surface ends, the building official, or his designee or the city police department are hereby authorized to remove such sign without prior written notice to the owner of the sign.”

The purpose of the ordinance is public safety. Vehicle operators must have a clear line of sight to avoid dangerous conflicts with pedestrians and cyclists.

City officials will not dedicate part of their workday primarily to the issue of sign removal, but please be aware that if they are already in the area and notice a sign incorrectly placed, they will remove it. City officials are also obligated by ordinance to respond to citizen complaints about sign placement by inspecting and determining if the placement is in violation of city code. Contact the Community Development office in order to retrieve removed signs prior to the close of the election: (660) 827-3000 x 142.

By following the sign placement guidelines noted above, you and your supported candidate will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted campaign right up to Election Day.

Randy Kirby