Last Saturday (Oct.12), I decided to make my way to Cole Camp to check out some of the Oktoberfest events. I have never been to an Oktoberfest celebration, and Cole Camp is known for its strong German heritage, so it was the perfect place to attend my first one.

As I made my way to Maple Street, I was greeted by the smells of kettle corn, bratwurst, caramel apples, and of course, beer. The food was phenomenal, I ate until I couldn't anymore and I still decided to grab a large bag of kettle corn for the road. The afternoon wasn't all about the food, antique tractors and engines were on display. I was fascinated by some of the old steam engines. One of the antiques that really caught my interest was the corn sheller and burr mill.

After walking Maple Street and purchasing some items from the local vendors, I noticed some gentlemen carrying a large pole up the street. Everyone started to gather around and I knew something special was about to happen. The Maypole was being prepared to be erected, and while everyone gathered around to watch, we all enjoyed some great live German music.

I left Cole Camp both stuffed and educated. It was a great time, and if you have never been to an Oktoberfest, Cole Camp is the place to go. I know I will make the trip to go back next year.