The Created Equal series is a program from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  It's been taken around to all sorts of places in the nation, from schools to churches to libraries and several different places where people can interact.  It's purpose is to look at our history in personal terms, to remember and discuss where we've been and where we are now in our racial harmonies in everyday terms.

The Created Equal Series includes a series of documentary films that are being distributed around the nation, telling stories of different eras and causes in the civil rights fight.  The first film, The Abolitionists, has been shown locally at the University of Central Missouri.   This first in the series of four discusses something that is bound to be in many of our family histories here in West Central Missouri.

Here's Dr Delia Gillis to discuss the film, the film series, and how you can participate in the discussion.

You can go to the UCM website to find out more about the next installment of the series locally. If you'd like to find out about the series itself, check out the series website for more information. Share your stories, the stories your grandparents told you, or any of your thoughts or feelings on the matter. Our discussion will enrich our experience.

Documentarily yours,