Sedalia Convention and Visitors Bureau working closely with the event organizers, Missouri State Fairgrounds, and City of Sedalia provided the support team for the 2016 Tough Mudder, held Oct. 8-9 at the Missouri State Fairgrounds, with an economic impact in the Sedalia community estimated at $1.5 million.

Total attendance at the event was 6,222, not including volunteers, staff, event personnel, or media guests. 95% were visitors to Sedalia. 35% of participants traveled to the event from out of state, while 1% traveled internationally to attend the event.

Over 62% of participants had never traveled to Sedalia prior to the Tough Mudder Missouri 2016 event. 90% of participants said they will return to Sedalia for a Tough Mudder event in 2017.

A post-event survey was sent to all participants immediately after the event asking general questions related to customer satisfaction, obstacle innovation and participant demographics. A second survey was sent to participants who had completed the post-event survey, asking additional questions about travel behavior and daily expenditures.

Specific questions were asked about participant experience in the community. The result of the survey outlines the demographics, travel behavior, community experience, and economic impact of Tough Mudder Sedalia. Tough Mudder used the National Association of Sports Commissions Economic Impact Calculator to estimate Direct Economic Impact for Tough Mudder in Sedalia.

Demographics: Participant Gender 66% male, and 34% female. Participant Income 30% under $45,000, 27% 45,000-$74,999, 16% 75,000- $104,999, 16% over $105,000, 11% prefer not to answer.

Participant Age: 26% 40 years old or older, 40% between the ages of 29-39 years old, 21% between the ages of 24-28 years old, and 13% between the ages of 16-23 years old.

Participant Travel Distance 38% traveled over 3 hours, 28% traveled 2-3 hours, 22% 1-2 hours, 12% making up the shortest distance of under one hour.

Overnight Stays: 57% of all participants stayed overnight for the event. The average length of stay was 1.85 nights. 74% stayed in local hotels, with the majority staying in Sedalia.

The average number of hotel rooms per party was 1.78 rooms. The average travel party size was 3.93 people, with approximately 28% of participants traveling with over 5 people.

Tough Mudder will be back Oct. 14-15, 2017 with expectations for an even greater positive economic impact on the Sedalia community.