Edna L. Langsdorf Joquel (nee Lombardo), flew into her savior's arms March 12, 2013.   Edna Louise was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Roosevelt High School. In 1943, Edna married Arthur L. Langsdorf. They had three children. Judith Lee Taxman of St. Louis, Barbara Ann Langsdorf, deceased at age 5 and A. Robert Langdsdorf, deceased at age 21.

Although Edna had a life with many tragedies, she was like “THE PHOENIX” and rose above these life events with her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She never asked “Why me”? Instead, “Why not me”!   In her “golden years” after Art passed away, Edna went to a family wedding in St. Louis where she met and instantly fell in love with Paul C. Joquel of Sedalia. A year later, Edna and Paul were married. Edna embraced having two more daughters. Keri Kolb (husband Steve) of Overland Park, Kansas and Julie Schneider (husband Gary) of Bakersfield, California.   Edna treasured her life in Sedalia. She never met a stranger. Plus, she greeted each new friend with kindness, a smile, and a compliment. Edna loved to laugh, dance, play games with her friends as well as spend time with her family.

Edna Joquel leaves behind a beautiful family. Including her beloved son-n-law, who she called her son, Paul Jay Taxman. Her cherished Grandson Jeffery E. Bremer who stole her heart upon his birth. Her beautiful only granddaughter, Paige Renee’ Bremer deceased at age 31. Another, wonderful grandson Andrew Joquel, age 10, Overland Park, Kansas, who when she saw him born exclaimed “Move over Pawpaw Grandma’s in LOVE”!

Edna’s extended family includes Jenny and Tony Nguyen of St. Louis who brought her four great grandchildren Lily age 18, Kevin age 16, Michael age 14 and Brittany age 13.   Edna has many nieces (especially Carol Tokas) and nephews (especially Dennis Hampel and wife Clydea) and friends (especially Curt Baumgartner) she leaves behind.