The election coverage has been hot and heavy this year, especially since it's a presidential election year.  I have been bombarded constantly with commercials, robo-calls, fliers, and who knows what else trying to get me to vote one way or another. However, once I'm asked if I'm a member of the media, suddenly the conversation comes to a screeching halt.   While my opinion apparently becomes null and void,  I have to start wondering: how will my information be used?

Some candidates take these polls to groups and organizations to try and seek their endorsements.  However I am not one to vote based on an endorsement. I like to do my own fact checking and go from there. Today, I received several stories based on endorsements candidates received in my email.  While I am happy they have endorsements, that does not necessarily mean I'll vote for them, just because "Organization A", says to do so, while "Organization B" says not to. What happens if between now and the election, Organization A changes their mind? Suddenly they become a flip flopper, and we all know how that worked for John Kerry when he was labeled that in the 2004 election.

All I'm saying is to do your homework and vote your mind and remember that there is a special election coming up on Tuesday, June 5.