I'm a person who loves movies. I do like to watch them more often at home, but I'll pop on a movie just about any time. Heck, if you want to get technical (and I know you do) I have a bachelor's degree in Broadcasting and Film.  So yes, I have watched a lot of movies in my time. In my  movie watching prime I was getting through two a night. Now, getting out to a movie, that takes more effort.  Mostly because it can be pretty expensive.  Just to take two people out to a movie, that can be almost thirty bucks - and if you're with kids, that means even more expense.  And what if everybody doesn't like it?  Then you've got heavy sighs, squirming, talking, and other impatience to deal with.  So usually for me, if I'm going to a movie, I'll be 99% sure it's one I need to see as soon as possible.  The last movie I saw in the theater was one just like that; Guardians of the Galaxy.


I saw the crap out of that movie, and I'd do it again.  So really, since I'm not so likely to go just on a whim, most of the time when I see a movie in the theaters, I like it.  Now when I'm at home, I'm more likely to give up on a movie if it's pretty bad.   I cannot remember how many times I've just stopped watching a movie on Netflix or on TV or whatnot just because it was so absolutely terrible or boring or stupid.


For example, I think I made it a grand total of 30 minutes into "That's My Boy" before I gave up.  I really wanted to like it, since I've like some of Adam Sandler's movies (and I'd heard this was a return to form).  And I really love Andy Samberg from his Saturday Night Live stuff and Lonely Island work.  But this was just terrible.  I clung on that long for Andy.  He's much, much better on Brooklyn Nine Nine.  That's actually funny.

What about you? How far into a movie do you have to be before giving up on it? Or will you watch the whole thing, regardless of how bad it may be? Will you ever walk out of a movie in a theater (since you paid and all)? Name some movies that were so bad you actually stopped watching it before the end.  Tell me all about it and I'll share your answers on the air!

Film-icly yours,