January 26, 2013

Additional Information

The Ice Breaker 3-D Classic will be on January 26 and 27 with two days, two clubs, and two locations. 

The first event will be on January 26 at the State Fair Archery Club in Smithton, for a cost of $12.  Watch for the signs off of Highway 50.  To sign up, call Harry Hoffert at 660-596-8545 or see the club's page on Facebook.  The second day is January 27 for a cost of $12, at Twin Lake Bowbenders in Cole Camp.  Watch for the signs off Highway F.  Contact Frank Aiuppa at 660-624-0708 or go to www.twinlakesbowbenders.com.  Registration is 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. both days.  Shoot either or both, you must shoot both to be eligible for overall weekend scoring prizes as well as special drawings for those who shoot both days.  Binoculars are allowed, no range finders and groups of three to five only.