October 23, 2012

Additional Information

Mothers Against Meth-amphetamine (MAMa) is sponsoring a community event and open house, in Marshall, featuring National Methamphetamine Educator David Parnell on Tuesday October 23. This presentation will focus on the alarming rates of methamphetamine abuse in our communities. Parnell's presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Saline County Fairgrounds Multi-Purpose Building.

Parnell, former meth dealer, husband, father of seven and suicide survivor from Tennessee now devotes his life traveling to high schools and communities warning about the dangers of methamphetamine.

Parnell has been on television and radio and in newspapers and magazines in the United States and abroad. He also has worked with the Partnership for a Drug Free America's national advertising campaign. He is also the author of the book, “Facing the Dragon--How a Desperate Act Pulled One Addict out of Methamphetamine Hell.”

His message is captivating and his presentations are graphic. Parnell, who began using drugs with his father at 13, still holds the scars of his past drug abuse on his face where he tried to kill himself in 2003 with an SKS assault rifle. Both students and adults are drawn to his unforgettable story.  During the course of the presentation, Parnell will also address the rising abuse of new drugs such as bath salts and other synthetic drugs.   POST certifications and CEU credits are available for those interested.

Admission for this event is free and is open to the public. Due to the graphic nature of the presentation, parental discretion is advised.