November 17, 2012

Additional Information

Bothwell Regional Health Center will hold a Safe Sitter babysitting education class from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17. The class will be in Bothwell’s Education Center at 600 E. 14th St., the former Children’s Therapy Center.

The Class is designed to educate adolescents to prepare them for babysitting. Curriculum was recently updated to include cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  “Students in previous Safe Sitter classes indicated a strong interest in learning CPR to be a better prepared baby sitter,” said Bothwell’s Community Outreach Coordinator Sarah Nail. “We were pleased when Safe Sitter recently updated its curriculum and included CPR as an option for its one-day class. Our instructors were eager to implement the changes and provide the students with an even better experience.”  Students also learn about injury management, childcare essentials, injury prevention, behavior management, the business of babysitting and how to care for a choking child or infant. Course materials are designed for children ages 11 to 13. Cost for the class is $35, which includes a messenger bag containing babysitting essentials. Scholarships are available.