A fire on Monday night (October 15) led to the injuries of three firefighters battling a blaze caused by a woman who fell asleep while smoking.  The building at 405 Jefferson St., which had been converted to apartments, burned until early Tuesday morning.  The blaze was fueled by the explosion of a tenant's oxygen tanks that were in the apartment where the blaze began.

The Warrensburg Fire Department released this statement today:

Fire investigators determined through scene examination and witness statements that the fire reportedly occurred when one of the occupants of apartment No. 2 fell asleep while smoking.  The occupant woke up and found flames burning next to her. She reportedly attempted to extinguish the flames by pouring water on them. Fire investigators believe the delay in reporting the fire contributed to the extensive flames that were present when the first police and fire units arrived at the scene.

Two firefighters sprained their ankles while another received treatment for exposure to heat and exhaustion. All three firefighters received care at Western Missouri Medical Center and were released.