By Micah J. Chrisman (WARRENSBURG, Mo.) — The Warrensburg Fire Department (WFD) responded to a fire call at the University of Central Missouri on Sunday (Sept. 1) between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the South Todd dining hall. No injuries were incurred, but students were evacuated due to large amounts of smoke. The fire is suspected to have been caused by a minor electrical shortage.

“I heard over the radio that the fire was started by a printer in the Todd dining hall, but they were also looking for a secondary source,” said a volunteer at the Johnson County Protection Fire District (JCPFD). “I have friends in South Todd. That’s what piqued my interest.”

JCPFD did not respond to the UCM call due to county and city fire ordinances. The fire department recommended that students need to take fire alarms seriously and not to assume that every fire alarm is a false alarm.

According to the Warrensburg Fire Department’s Facebook page, officials stated that the source of smoke was found and occupants were allowed to re-enter the building that day.