About 40 entrants in the eighth Fireball Run “adventurally” will spend several hours in Sedalia on October 3rd, where its presence should benefit at least one local charity and a number of city businesses.
Featuring the same general premise of the old “Cannonball Run” films — albeit without the presence of Burt Reynolds’ mustache or the inimitable Jackie Chan — Fireball Run features about 80 contestants in 40 vehicles who take a eight-day jaunt around much of the southwest United States.   Despite the vehicular involvement,  the winner of the Fireball Run isn’t the team that arrives at the final destination first; rather, points are doled out and accumulated for activities like joining a local chamber or signing up for a charitable cause.

Every team has a child to search for by handing out flyers and posting information in every city they visit.  In the six completed seasons of the show, Fireball Run has helped locate  over 38 missing children.   Fireball Run also benefits the communities they visit by supporting the local economies at every stop by joining the chambers and even purchasing the items for the local charities.  I got to talk with Ron Ditzfield and Rick Yeager about the fun and the good Fireball Run is bringing to our town.

So make sure to head on down to Fitters this Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  To find out more about the Fireball Run series, visit their website, like them on Facebook, or keep your radio tuned to our stations. We'll have updates every week from some aspect of the Fireball Run every Tuesday until the show rolls into town!

Fireballingly yours,