Last week, I was doing grocery shopping with my kids and they asked me if they could have a TV Dinner. I could not tell you the last time we had TV dinners as a family, but I recall having it a few times as a kid. So, I was left to wonder what it would taste like since it had been awhile. Call it another case of food that I loved as a kid, that I need to try as an adult.

The one thing that I noticed the most was that the dessert is no longer a part of the meal. I used to leave those as a kid and would love the taste of the brownie. I think a favorite of mine, back in the day was the fried chicken, but I chose BBQ Beef on this occasion.  It may not have been KC Barbeque quality, but it still was tasty.

The one thing I most enjoyed was the mashed potatoes with the barbeque and the vegetables, tasted like your normal veggies.

I think one of the things I miss the most about the old tv dinners is how you could put them in the oven and the old trays.

It was nice to be reminded of my younger days, but I don’t think it quite reminded me of my youth. Would I buy them all the time? Probably not, but I do know my kids enjoyed their meatloaf and pasta tv dinners.

Is there a tv dinner that you enjoyed as a kid? Is there a favorite that you have today?