"If they want to win the game, they need to score more points." Yes, that was a professional commentator's opinion this weekend during the Florida Gators and Tennessee Volunteers game. I will even put my neck out there and say that it really isn't much of an opinion: it's a fact, right? Some commentators are better than others, but most of them always have something cliche or useless to say during the game.

Most of us love football, we can't get enough of it. We have three hour pregame shows, we have the game, the halftime show, and of course, the post game show.  With fantasy football becoming more and more popular, more people have a strong knowledge of players, stats, and the game itself.

"He has to make that catch." When something like this is said, I usually laugh (unless it is my team) and I yell "No kidding?! Thanks captain obvious!" I find it fascinating that some commentators have made a living saying things that are completely useless.

Tell me some of the useless or cliche things that commentators have said.