Photo: (left to right) Executive Director Brett Barth-Fagan, Stylist Lindsey Brosch and Fringe Salon Owner/Stylist Susan McCandless

The Boys & Girls Club of West Central Missouri recently received a $300 donation from Fringe Salon.  The Fringe Salon did a $10 haircut day on August 4 and donated all the proceeds to the Boys & Girls Club of West Central Missouri.

According to Executive Director Brett Barth-Fagan, the funds will go into general funds to be used where the Club saw the most need.

"We are incredibly grateful to Fringe Salon, Susan, and her staff for their generosity," said Barth-Fagan.  "The donation of their time and talent shows the dedication they have to not only helping the Club, but making Sedalia a better place. It's because of businesses like Fringe Salon and people like Susan that we are able to provide the level of services we do to the community."