One of the most loved and appreciated pastimes of Sedalia is our local kids' sports teams. In any incarnation, we love to cheer our kids on in whatever sport they play, from kickball to football. Now there's a a new opportunity to get involved. Sedalia Girls Softball signups are happening at Pummil’s Sporting Goods. I think all of us know that sports can be good for kids, but in particular, they can be great for young girls. The latest on youth sport stresses the positive effects of taking part, like learning the important life skills of goal setting and time management combined with enjoyment, the development of a strong sense of morality and the development of an appreciation of diversity.

There's been a long standing idea in our past that sports are for boys. We know that girls are just as kick butt at sports as the boys, and getting them started early will only increase their love of it. So get your daughter signed up for Girls Softball today!

If girls sign up before March 15, the cost is $30. Signups are for girls interested in T-Ball to athletes 16 and under, so there's something for every age group.

So head on down to Pummill's Sporting Goods, 2400 W 16th St.  You can also call them at (660) 826-0150 for more information.  Find out more about Pummill's themselves by visiting them on their website.  They've been in our local area since the mid-seventies, working with kids and parents to get their kids active and involved, growing and learning through sports.

Sportily yours,