JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Jay Nixon joined Missouri State Senator Mike Parson and other state and local officials in Sedalia today (Oct. 1) to announce $2.2 million in infrastructure improvements at the more than 100-year-old Missouri State Fairgrounds. The improvements include upgrades to the storm water management system at the fairgrounds.

“The Missouri State Fair is our state’s premier agricultural showcase, and has been for well over 100 years,” Gov. Nixon said. “The fairgrounds are home to many time-honored, family traditions and contribute to making Sedalia a destination for Missourians. These infrastructure improvements are vital to ensuring that Missouri families can continue to celebrate these traditions and make great memories at the State Fair for many years to come.”

The storm water project will address leaks within the system’s aged infrastructure and improve drainage.  Work will include repairing and replacing existing piping throughout the 396-acre fairgrounds as well as other necessary maintenance. The improvements will also address challenges in maintaining connections between the fairgrounds and the City of Sedalia’s storm water management system.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with Governor Nixon to restore and improve the infrastructure on the historic State Fairgrounds, which annually attracts citizens from across Missouri,” said Sen. Parson.

The storm water project is funded by $2.2 million through the state’s Office of Administration.

The 2014 Missouri State Fair will be held August 7-17 in Sedalia.  The fairgrounds are available for use throughout the year.

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This press release was provide by the staff of Gov. Jay Nixon.