Pettis County reelected Republican Brent Hampy as their Eastern Commissioner on Tuesday in the general election. He beat Democratic challenger Charles McCormack by nearly 65% of the vote.

Hampy said he was very pleased & humbled that the citizens of Pettis County asked him to return for another four-year term. "I'll come back, ready to work," he told KSIS.

Plans for his next term involve more improvements for the county's roadways. "If the testing continues to look favorable, we would like to add inventory chip-and-seal roads to Pettis County. I know the citizens would love (that) on our hard-surfaced roads. We're trying to get geared up to provide that," Hampy said.

Part of the job of Eastern Commissioner is listening to constituents' comments, suggestions, ideas and complaints. And Hampy appears to be okay with that.

"It's always fun to visit with people and hear their concerns, and some of their comments. We get good ideas from people. We can't be everywhere on every road, and so I welcome comments about problems that they may find or ideas that they may have to improve our situation," Hampy stated.

He estimated that more than half the time he hears from his constituents, it involves road & bridge issues. "That's why road & bridge experience is so important," he said.

Hampy's was the only contested race at the county level.

Republican incumbent Nathan Beard was chosen by Pettis County voters as their representative of District-52. He beat Democratic challenger Kyle Gardner with a little over 70% of the vote in Pettis County.

Republican incumbent and District 51 Representative Dean Dohrman scored over 81% of the vote with Pettis County voters.

Pettis County voters chose State Rep. District 48 Republican Dave Muntzel with over 84% of the vote. He defeated Independent challenger Debra Dilks, 1327 to 239.

US Congresswoman Republican incumbent Vicky Hartzler was chosen by Pettis County voters by 71% of the voters to represent them in the 4th Congressional District.

Pettis County voters chose Republican Eric Schmitt for state treasurer by over 76%, besting Democratic challenger Judy Baker, who got almost 28 % here in Pettis County.

Republican Jay Ashcroft scored over 68% of Pettis County's vote, taking the lead over Democrat Robin Smith with about 26%.

At the top of the national ticket, Pettis Countians chose Trump/Pence over Clinton/Kaine, 70.36 to 23.77%.

And for US Senator, Pettis County chose Republican Roy Blunt over Democrat Jason Kander, 57.54 to 37 %.

For Missouri governor, Pettis County voters picked Republican Eric Greitens over Democrat Chris Koster, 61.91 to 34.86%.

And for Lt. Gov., Pettis County chose Republican Mike Parson over Democrat Russ Carnahan, 66.95 to 27.68 %.

Judge Richard B. Teitelman was retained with 68.03% of the vote in Pettis County, with 11,195 yes votes to 5,261 no votes.

Amendment 1 (a continuation of the 1/10th of 1% sales tax for soil & water conservation) passed in Pettis County by 81.16%, with 14,404 yes votes to 3344 no votes.

Amendment 2 (campaign contribution limits) passed 12,385 yes votes to 5099 no votes in Pettis County.

Amendment 3 (cigarette tax increase) failed by 62.76% of the vote, or 11,192 no votes to 6,640 yes votes in Pettis County.

Amendment 4 (prohibiting new taxes on services) passed in Pettis County, 69% to 30%.

Amendment 6 (voter ID) passed in Pettis County, 12,798 to 4,822.

Proposition A failed in Pettis County with 10,371 no votes to 7,300 yes votes. Prop A proposed an increase in taxes on cigarettes in 2017, 2019 and 2021.

Seven candidates were running unopposed in Pettis County, including Republicans Western Commissioner Jim Marcum, Sheriff Kevin Bond, Assessor Chris Woolery, Treasurer Kim Lyne, Coroner Robert "Skip" Smith; and Democrats Surveyor Kerry Turpin and Public Administrator Charli Ackerman.

Pettis County Clerk Nick La Strada noted that turnout in this General Election was close to 70% in Pettis County, which was about what was predicted. According to Pettis County's official website, a total of 18,304 ballots were cast, or 69.58% of registered voters in Pettis County in 18 precincts.

"It was unreal, we were very excited about the returns, we had everything (tabulated) in one hour, 13 minutes. We had a 70 percent turnout in this county. Missouri, statewide, projected about a 71 percent turnout, we project a 70-75 percent turnout," La Strada said, adding that he can't certify the election until Monday at noon (Military ballots and provisional ballots must still be verified).

"We were very, very pleased with the team. This election was unique, with all the issues going on ... but this one brought the team together. We worked hard, everybody was making sure they were checking every single ID, everything was ran efficiently. We had no long lines," La Strada stressed.

"It's not about Nick, it's about my election workers, it's about my poll workers, because they put in the hard work and they take pride in the democracy process, and we run efficient elections in Pettis County, so I give all kudos to them, they're a godsend, and I really appreciate them," he told KSIS. "But we're real happy this one's over."

La Strada noted that this particular presidential election really began two years ago. "We calculated numbers from 1992, 2008 and 2012. We had these numbers down, and knew what to expect for absentee voting and what to expect on Election Day. We left no stone unturned," he said. "And I'm just really happy and pleased to have this thing in the books."

Election officials were able to accommodate change of address and name change requests on the day of the election, La Strada noted, adding that he employed between 120 and 130 poll workers in Tuesday's smooth operation on General Election Day.

Several members of the Smith-Cotton football team volunteered their time (and muscles) helping move voting equipment coming back into the courthouse from the various polling locations, according to poll worker Sherry Jo Painter. They were accompanied by their head coach, Ryan Boyer. Poll workers delivering ballots pulled up in front of the Fox Event Theatre, where they unloaded their vehicles on a barricaded Fifth Street. Each car had a small sign indicating their precinct number, Painter explained.

Local Republicans celebrated their numerous victories in the ball room of the Bothwell Hotel, 4th and Ohio. Meanwhile a block away, the Pettis County Democratic headquarters were dark and silent.

In the lead photo: Brent Hampy shares a laugh with supporter Cliff McBride at the Pettis County Courthouse Tuesday night after it was obvious that Hampy won reelection as Pettis County Eastern Commissioner.