With Halloween less than two weeks away, ghosts and goblins are starting to come to mind as costumes for the upcoming parties and events.  For many, along with those costumes, are the stories that go along with the true and maybe no-so-true stories of haunted houses and other scary locations around the state of Missouri.

PrairieGhosts.com has an interesting collection of Missouri ghost stories. Knob Noster is even listed as one of the haunted locations in the state: "Johnson County's KNOB NOSTER mountain is home to a 'ghost light' of some endurance and an eerie legend that accompanies it. According to the story, the Knob was once home to an old hermit. He died mysteriously one night during a thunderstorm and has since come back to haunt the place."

If you like ghosts stories, check out the full PrairieGhosts article. You may be surprised at some of the different spots across the state that boast stories of the haunted past. Some of the tales date back to the Civil War. You can travel from the eastern side of the state to the Kansas border, and north and south and find fascinating spooky stories.

So sit back and get ready for the chills to start running up and down your spine!