Healthy U is a fun, interactive journey to improved health, wellness and balance for students. With engaging programs, motivating challenges and great rewards, the campaign utilizes personalized program guidance for students of all health and fitness levels.  This challenge has been designed for all types of students to participate.

There are different goals to achieve for people who are focused on weight loss versus those that are focused on weight maintenance, fitness or just starting to live a little bit healthier.  There are programs, tasks, meals, and workouts designed to suit your every health profile.

Our local Healthy U has twelve participants working right now. I got to talk to Megan Webb, the co-chair of Healthy Living Action Group and from the University of Missouri Extension. She brought two of the Healthy U participants, Steve Sobaski and Carolyn Hanning, and we talked about why they decided to sign up and how the first couple of weeks are going.

If you want to work out along with the Healthy U group, you can go to their Facebook page to get the workouts. We'll hear from others in the group and keep you updated as the project goes on!

Healthily yours,