When I first started here at the radio station, I was working part time on weekends.  I was still in college, and wasn't sure where I wanted to go or what exactly I wanted to do.  I knew I wanted to do something in the broadcasting world, but I wasn't sure what. I ended up doing a lot of what we call "board-opping", which is a pretty basic thing where  you sit during a broadcast and you push the buttons back at the station while the other person or people are on the air.  I did a lot of that in the beginning, and I'd have those stress dreams about it - something going wrong and hearing that dreaded sound sensor, the alarm that lets us know there's silence on the air.

So I did a lot of work for the State Fair Community College basketball games, and also the Smith Cotton Football games.  As a lot of you know, Denny Perkins loves local sports.  He relished any opportunity to talk local sports and has always been very knowledgeable about it.   He and I would get into a rhythm, a routine of such - he had his certain things he would say to tip me off that we were going to be going to a  commercial, and I'd do my best not to make a mistake.  After a while he started to call me his "favorite board op" because I was actually listening to his cues and not distracted by something or someone else.

Of course, had had other nicknames for me too, like "Rosie", but we don't need to go into that in much detail. In fact, there are a lot of things we can just pretend to ignore when it comes to Denny's tales of the radio life......... not very PG. Let's continue with the story.

Eventually I moved to full time, and got to work with Denny a little more closely.  He's always had great stories about singers or bands, about the radio industry, and about life.  He taught me a lot.  He did that with just about every green pea he came across, he rarely was dismissive or "too busy" for a new kid.   So I wanted to be sure you guys knew that Denny needs our help at the moment.  Of course, Denny being Denny, he never asked for that help.  His sister and friends basically had to force him to accept the outpouring of love and support from Sedalia.

Twelve years ago, my brother Denny Perkins had a heart attack at the age of 42. Everything was going well until about a year ago when he started having trouble with his legs. After many tests, doctors visits, and hospitals, he was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. His lymphatic system doesn't work properly which causes him to fill up with excessive amounts of fluid. It, along with his diabetes has effected his liver, eyesight and ability to do daily tasks that we all take for granted. The fluid build up is not good on his heart. This is a debilitating disease for which there is no cure. Denny has spent the last 35 years helping other people raise money for their cause, given away thousands of free tickets to concerts and sporting events, volunteered as a coach of various local youth sports. Now he could use a little help. Denny didn't want us to have a benefit, but as his sister, I couldn't sit back and ignore the needs. I organized this benefit raffle, with the help of some of his closest friends and previous coworkers. I will be posting details on how you can purchase raffle tickets in just a bit. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help Denny and his family by purchasing tickets.

And really, looking at these prizes, it's obvious he is well loved.  There's all sorts of things - food from Dickie Doo Barbecue, Tickets to Royals and Cardinals games, zoo passes, concert tickets, drag race tickets, and lots more. Tickets can be purchased at Dickie Doo Barbecue in Sedalia, or by calling 660-415-7501.  The tickets are $10 for one and $50 for six, with all benefits going to Denny's medical expenses.  The last day to get your tickets will be tomorrow, so make sure you stop by, call or check out the Facebook page.  It's kind of funny that I'm trying to help Denny by doing the very thing he hated doing the most here at the stations, huh?  I guess that's somewhat fitting. I  know a lot of you out there love him and miss him (I know I'll never be really able to replace him in the mornings) but don't sit idly by! Help out with your raffle ticket purchase RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Just don't call him Denver,