Registration will be held November 7-11, for the next High School Equivalency (HSE) classes to be held on the State Fair Community College Sedalia campus and at sites in Appleton City, Boonville, Carrollton, Clinton, Richmond, Osceola, Warrensburg, and Warsaw.

According to a press from State Fair Community College, SFCC’s Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) program provides individualized and group instruction for anyone who wants to develop or improve skills in language arts, reading, math, social studies, or science toward taking the HSE exam, which was formerly known as the GED©.

Enrollment for HSE day class will be held from 8am - 3pm November 7-11 and enrollment for HSE night class will be held from 6-9p, November 7-9, in the Yeater Learning Center, Room 163, on the Sedalia campus.

HSE classes are free, but students must enroll in person and complete an orientation before attending class.

SFCC’s AEL program also offers day and evening classes to help those for whom English is not their first language and for those who wish to become U. S. citizens. These classes are free.

Enrollment for English Language Learners (ELL) evening class will be held from 5:30-8:30pm November 8-10, in the Yeater Learning Center, Room 122. A day class may be offered at a later date at the Celebration Center, located at 1701 W. 32nd Street, in Sedalia.

In addition to these free programs, AEL also provides opportunities to brush up on reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and language arts to reach personal learning goals or prepare for college-level courses or placement exams. This program offers individualized lessons and one-on-one instruction. Call the AEL office to learn when these sessions are offered and how to enroll.

For more information, call 660-596-7289 or 660-596-7380, or stop by offices in the Student Success Center in the Yeater Learning Center.

Randy Braley, State Fair Community College