Kids, it seems like just about everyone I know seems to have some kind of device that they carry with them all the time. It's either a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop, or even more than one of those! So I got to thinking that it couldn't be just me that noticed this. It really is that big a reality. But, what I was curious about was what they actually use it for.

A new survey conducted by a group called Harris Interactive for said more than half of mobile device owners (51 percent) play games on their devices. They might use them for work or for navigation or any other number of things, but for the most part, people are goofing off!

When the survey asked mobile device owners how often they play games on their devices, the respondents replied:

  • Play games more than once a day – 11 percent
  • Play games at least once a day – 21 percent
  • Play games at least once a week – 41 percent
  • Once a month or less – 10 percent

It turns out that men are more likely to have a game, and to have paid for it. Over 60 percent of people have paid between $1-$10 for a game. Only about 20 percent have said that their kids bought something by mistake.

So I had to ask if it's that way for us here in our area too. Tell us what you like to use your mobile device for!

Gamely yours,