We've been hearing it everywhere...on the radio, the television, in the malls and at area shopping centers. It's intermingled into commercials. It's coming at us from 24 different directions. How much more can we handle? It's not even the first of December!

I feel like Charlie Brown after falling on his back when he attempted to kick the football which was so eloquently pulled away by Lucy. AAARRRGGGHH!!!

People who are already stressed out about the holidays-worrying about money, traveling, or seeing relatives-may find the musical reminder of the cause of their stress very unwelcome. But those who approach the holidays in a receptive, relaxed state are more likely to get a boost from the happy associations -- childhood memories, family gatherings, or the holiday's religious meaning -- triggered by holiday music.

Whatever your appetite for Christmas music, you can hear as much as your brain can endure on our Christmas 24/7 link. You can listen to commercial-free Christmas music on our site all throughout the holidays! Christmas music is brought to you by Preuitt Insurance Services in downtown Sedalia at 7th and Ohio.