Thursday afternoon's senseless shooting and robbery of a downtown Sedalia businessman is sending chills and shock waves through this community.  You always read the headlines, hear the radio reports, and see the "On-the-Scene" reports from television stations, and you have always felt safe because the "bad things" in the media always seemed to happen somewhere else in the country or around the world.  Well's time to come out of your cocoon.  Sedalia, is now one of those places.  Unfortunately, we're not insulated from the crooks, the robbers, the thieves, the drug scene, the internet hackers, and/or anything else you can imagine.

The one thing I can say that is still a comforting feature of the residents of Sedalia and the surrounding area is that we will rally and lend a helping hand to help support this victim in today's shooting and robbery.  We will still be there for our neighbors, friends, and family when they need us.  We'll step up and do the right thing because that's what we still believe in and what we still practice in our hometown