This is my final updated from my rehab period. For those who may not know or remember, I had a heart attack on January 9 and had two stints put in the vessels of my heart. I feel fortunate that what I received was a warning that I have not been treating my body well. During the last few months, I have been going through 36 sessions of physical rehab at the Bothwell Regional Health Center. I have now completed that rehab, and feel like I am very much improved, although still well over the weight limit for a pony.

The fact that I can now do more strenuous exercise than I could several months ago is thanks to the wonderful ladies who helped me and the great people who were fellow patients that I worked out with three days a week over the last few months. The ladies of Cardiac Rehab were always patient, kind and understanding while dealing with all the different personalities that came through the doors at the facility. I felt comfortable from the first day of rehab, which is thanks to the professional way the ladies went about taking care of all of us. I also feel like they truly love what they are doing, and I never saw anything but smiles and encouragement from any of the ladies of rehab.
I no longer have pains in my chest, but my heart is heavy when I think about losing the attention the ladies gave me three days a week over these past several months.  I will also miss the camaraderie of the great group of people I had the pleasure of sharing this journey with.