I made it through another week of rehab at Bothwell Hospital. I have to admit, I did not lose any weight this time in spite of the fact that I was required to spend more time on all of the equipment.

Starting next week, the machines will be set to higher settings so I have to exert more effort on each one. I have been on the first setting of the machine, which as you might guess is the easiest. Most of the people in my class are ahead of me on the scale, which gives me something to shoot for.

I am not as sore in my shoulders as I have been, so I hope that means I am getting used to the exercise and building some muscle to replace what I can only describe as "cookie dough flab." I would like to ask the people who are following me in my quest for heart health to take time to pray for a man who has just went through surgery, and is beginning the road to recovery. His name is Shawn Colgan, a Facebook friend.