With the Ebola problem being turned into a political issue instead of a health issue by both parties it is time to say something about the quarantining of those people coming back from the affected areas that has more to do with caring what happens to your fellow man. A Doctor comes back from Africa, and runs all over the place because he thinks he knows everything there is to know about the disease he has been treating patients for, and therefore can makeup his own mind whether to confine himself. A nurse comes back, and is quarantined, and talks about suing because she feels she knows more than the health officials who are thinking about more than her rights, like maybe the rights of those whom she will come in contact with. I think it is selfish of those people who have done so many unselfish acts to help those poor people who have the disease, not to want to protect the people they are coming back to here to live with. I believe any body who serves their country in any manor should want to give up 21-days of their freedom if it would protect those people who are not affected. I pray this disease can be stopped, and finally cured where ever it is, but until a cure is found 21-days of isolation seems like a small price to pay to protect the country from more cases of Ebola.